Friday, April 16, 2010

Redemption from Sin

In a weak moment I bought a package of Oreo cookies. It was a bad thing to do, I admit, but now that I have them, what should I do?

1. Take them back for a refund.
No, that would just make them available for someone else to buy and gain weight, take up my time and the time of grocery clerks, use gas going there, etc.

2. Give them to the food cupboard.
No! That would just lead others into temptation. I should take only good, nourishing items to the food depot, like broccoli.

3. Throw them in the garbage.
No. My Mother told me never to waste food.

4. Let them stay in the cookie jar until they spoil.
No, see  3.

5. Eat them myself.
Yes. That way I will be punished for my sin by gaining weight and getting my arteries clogged. Otherwise, they will just be there tempting me. Eating them is the only way to get rid of this temptation.

Wow! I am glad I reasoned my way through this. It has been bothering me.

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