Saturday, September 20, 2008

No More Sexism Please

I think the sexism expressed in regard to Gov. Sarah Palin is terrible. Those who are guilty of it should be ashamed. An apology is owed to the Governor by those delegates at the Republican Convention who wore badges that said, "Hoosiers for the hot chick."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reforming Washington: A Fact Check on Obama and McCain

Our presidential candidates have informed us that there is greed on Wall Stree. (GASP) and a need to reform financial markets in the light of recent events. Not to worry, they both promise to ride into town like Hopalong Cassidy in the old Westerns and clean the place up. Boy, are they gonna get those "malefactors of great wealth" (T. Roosevelt).

Flip-flopping McCain has even had a near deathbed conversion and is now in favor of regulation. A Republican advocating more regulation of big business (GASP)! Contrary to Reagan, whom he and the whole GOP adore, government, he admits, is not always the problem, sometimes it is the answer (GASP).

I think it is wonderful that help is on the way, no matter who wins. But in the interests of transparency (we all love that), I propose that they both publish lists of their largest contributors. Hint: some of them are Wall Stree financial giants (GASP). Obama's largest 2008 contributor is Goldman Sachs: $691+ thousand.

Check it out with The Center for Responsive Politics:




What? A Jail in Wasilla?

I was shocked to learn that there is a jail in Wasilla, Alaska, hometown of Sarah Palin. I knew other small towns had jails but Wasilla? Sure other small towns have people who gossip, commit crimes, use illegal drugs, have prejudices against various groups different from them, even teen age pregnancies without benefit of clergy. But Wasilla?

I was pastor of a church in a small town, went to school in another small town, lived in a another small town. But mostly I grew up in the country among farmers. I love small towns and rural areas. We all are sentimental and nostalgic about them. We know and appreciate their virtues. But they are made up of people who have faults just like people who live in cities.

But after hearing Sister Sarah, I thought Wasilla was different, not like that awful den of iniquity San Francisco.

You mean I need to check out stuff the Governor says? Can't anybody be trusted any more? After all, she comes from a small town, was even Mayor of one.

OK, this is another one for the choir, but heck we all like to gossip, even in small towns.