Monday, March 23, 2009

Cry, no Saab -- and Other Oddities

Sob, Sob, Sob. Saab is gone.

National Garlic Day is the 19th of April, which is Stress Awareness Month. Keeping up with all this is so000000 stressful. And wouldn't eating garlic tend to increase stress for those around you? I worry about these things.

Martin Feldstein in The Washington Post criticizing Obama's proposal to reduce slightly the charitable deduction on high-income folks:

"While no one makes a charitable contribution to get a tax deduction, the deductibility of charitable gifts reduces the cost of giving and therefore increases the amount that individuals give."

While there is not necessarily a logical contradiction here, it does make an empirical assumption, which does not necessarily follow, i. e., the conclusion may or may not be true.

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