Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hoping and Waiting: Obama Again

I still have hope for the country and the world with Obama at the helm, but not everything he has done or not done has pleased me, e. g.:

1. Rich appointees who couldn't afford a good tax accountant.

2. So many Clinton leftovers some tainted -- and too many who are so closely identified with the reigning plutocracy I thought we might tame -- you know, change.

3. A stimulus bill that includes too many liberal-loved items that should be left for later in order to concentrate on the more stimulating features needed right now -- as Alice Rivlin has suggested.

4. An Afghanistan policy that sounds too much like a continuation of the same old things -- bombing Pakistan, e.g. -- and no sign that the solution is not primarily military but requires new developmental and political initiatives -- those suggested by Fareed Zakaria, e. g. (See February 3, today's Washington Post)

5. Appointment of a Commerce Secretary whom the Chamber of Commerce will love and labor Unions will hate. See

6. And sometimes I wish Obama were not so damned confident about everything.

Perhaps he is thinking long-term and will be shown to have taken the right approach. I did hear him say to his critics -- look who's sitting in the Oval Office right now. He got elected by ignoring half of what I told him.

A wait and see -- and hope-- approach is called for, i. e., whether his attempt to be so post-partisan and inclusive is the beginning of a new era or a path to disappointment.

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