Monday, June 16, 2008

President McCain and that 3 AM Phone Call

The temper of John McCain is legendary, and his memory sometimes fails him. Imagine that 3 AM phone call.

President McCain: What the $%$#! Who the *(*&+@ is this waking me up at 3 AM. Drop dead, you &^%$#@%$#.

Voice: Sorry, Sir, but missiles have been launched against us and are headed toward the Capitol and the White House. We have 30 seconds to launch anti-missile defense.

President McCain: You %$*&^%, call the President, so he can do something about it.

Voice: But, Sir, Mr. President, you are the President.

President McCain: Oh %$^&, I am the %$#@ President. Launch anti-missile defense immediately.

Voice: Sorry, Sir, Mr. President, it is too late. We waited 10 seconds too long.

President McCain: Uh Oh. $%^%$ %$#$%^& ^%$#

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