Friday, February 23, 2007

Logic Lesson for Today

Since the virus that causes cervical cancer is spread by sexual intercourse, requiring young girls to be given the vaccine that prevents the disease might encourage them to have sex, so it would be better risking them getting cancer than having sex.

Making condoms readily available could prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STD's, but it might encourage teenagers to have sex, so it would be better to risk unwanted pregnancy or disease than having sex.

Clean needle exchange can reduce the spread of HIV among drug users, but it might encourage more drug use, so it is better to let them use dirty needles that could spread HIV.

Using seat belts can save lives but might encourage teenagers to drive fast or carelessly, so it is better to forbid their use and risk having them killed or seriously injured.

Thus endeth the logic lesson for today. So all the liberals who want girls and women to be safe from cervical cancer, from unwanted pregnancies , and from sexually spread diseases, who want drug users protected from the spread of HIV, and who want kids to be safer by using self belts take note and learn some logic.

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